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Once a cast and production team walk on set, the work begins and extraneous concerns about climate should be left behind. Carrier Rental Systems provides a full suite of heating, cooling, dehumidification, and power equipment solutions to the entertainment industry so that directors and actors never find themselves hampered by poor conditions.

Our turnkey solutions meet the needs for an array of applications for studios at home and on the road. On location and expertly engineered to meet the exact needs of your set, our non-invasive temperature control includes air conditioners, air handling units, reduced noise comfort cooling, heating and dehumidification, and power generation.

Whether you are dissatisfied with your current provider or are planning the logistics of your next shoot, Carrier Rental Systems offers the most customized rental experience in the industry and will ensure that the essential needs of your production timeline and environment are met.

Have specific questions about your need? Give us a call today at 800-586-8336.

Entertainment Industry Solutions

  • On location temperature control, including air conditioners, air handling units, and more
  • Reduced noise comfort cooling, heating and dehumidification
  • Power generation
Delivering Complete Rental Solutions

Carrier Rental Systems can deliver complete, temporary application specific HVAC solutions - whenever and wherever needed.

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Be Ready for Any Situation

Carrier Rentals can help building owners and facility managers to develop a contingency plan to add to their existing emergency response programs.

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